“The way to get started Is to stop talking and begin doing.”
~Walk Disney

The spray of the shower hit my back like a July rain, soothing and stinging at the same time. I felt an old familiar tugging at my heart as I reached for the shampoo bottle. “God?”
“I want to talk with you for a moment,” He said.
“I’m in the shower,” I said.
“I know.”
“Ummn, it’s a bit awkward. I’m, you know, naked.”
“Yes, I know. What, you think I don’t know what you look like? I knew you before you started wearing flesh and bones,” God answered. “Look, I want you to do something that will benefit you and others, Will you do it?”
“Of course,” I answered. “What do you want me to do?”
“Follow your dreams.”
“You don’t want me to go on a mission? Feed the homeless? Help orphans?” I asked.
“Those are other people’s dreams. I want you to follow your dreams. I gave you talents and desires. Use them.”
“But it’s scary to follow my dreams,” I said. “What if I fail? What if other people don’t understand? What if they make fun of me?”
“Don’t worry what other people think of you. Think only about what I think of you,” God said.
“What do I do first?” I asked.
“Finish your shower and then get started. Do the next right thing that moves you closer to your dreams.”
“What if I don’t know what that is?”
“You do. It may be buried deep inside of you, but it’s there. Listen for it.”
“You make it sound so simple, I said as I turned off the water and reached for my towel.
“It is simple, Dear Child, God said. “Take a step. Then take another. And then another. When you follow your dreams you shine my light for all of the world to see. You bloom fully.”
I looked in the mirror, my green eyes gazing back at me, yearning to do what God asked me to do. I smiled. “I’ll get right on it, God,” I said.
“Good,” said God. “You do that. I’ll open the doors for you as you go. It’s what I do for everyone who uses the talents and desires I gave them.” I got dressed and sat down at my desk and started writing these words here, for you, inching my way into my dreams.



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