Nurturing A Dream

In the soft light of this late-spring morning, I sit in my garden and turn my head towards the chirping of baby birds. Nestled in the bottom of a worn wooden birdhouse, they greet the new day. There is no other sound in the quiet of the sunrise. I am mesmerized by their small voices! Soon, they will be strong enough to leave the nest. I think how much the dreams we have in our life are like baby birds — they need nurturing until they are strong enough to navigate on their own.

As the sun slowly rises above the horizon, I wonder what dreams you have inside of you. I pray that you safeguard them from the naysayers who can’t envision them. You can trust your truth. God put it inside of you, just as He put the baby birds in the nest in my garden. Trust that you can’t fall out of God. Your life is in His divine and loving hands. Be you. Live your authentic life. Live your dreams.