The Most Important Work

“It’s the most important work you’ll ever do,” God said to me as I weeded my flower garden.

“Pulling out dandelions?” I asked, incredulous.

“No,” God laughed. “Seeking the barriers to love and dismantling them. Like every baby that comes into my world, you were born with a whole heart. But as people wounded you, you learned to fear. You learned to protect yourself by putting others down, or worse, vilifying or demonizing them. You stopped seeing them as my precious children.”

“How do I heal my wounded heart?” I asked.

“Forgiveness, humility, and helping others,” God said.

I thought about my family and friends that annoy me—their difference in opinions and perceptions—and I wondered how I might turn towards them, instead of pulling away, or worse, not listening to them at all. And I realized that God was asking me to not only do the obvious work of not hating or harming others; He was asking me to work on the subtle, almost imperceptible feelings and opinions—the judgements—that barricade me from loving fully.

Our journey here is all about learning how to heal our wounded hearts so that we can love fully; so that we can take a whole heart home.

Do This With God

I’m so dutiful and obedient that sometimes I forget that God isn’t some heavy burden my heart must carry. I forget that God created all the beauty in the world for my delight— that God is the light and the love, the joy, and frivolity in the world. So today, I will walk over to God’s house and knock on His door and ask if He wants to come out and play.


Love Isn’t In The Accounting Business.

Hafiz, the Persian poet wrote, “Even after all this time the sun never says to the earth, ‘You owe me.’ Look what happens with a love like that. It lights the whole sky.” Let us all be like the sun, never keeping score, for love isn’t in the accounting business. It’s in the giving business. Let your heart be a sieve, rather than a measuring cup.


Sensing Our Way

Dutiful creature, the mole—shadow sighted, digging his way through fields—going about the day without worry of what he will accomplish. No thoughts of fashion. No pondering his worth. There is only the toil to which he’s been assigned, hidden from view, the dark and dirty work of loosening the earth—faith pushing him forward toward the unseen

We should be so dutiful. Toiling to the life we’ve been given. We should be so faithful—trusting our senses, moving toward that which is felt but yet to be seen.



The Things You Will Miss.

Say the sweet things you should say. Give what you should give. Let your days be full of risking your heart for nothing in return other than the incandescent joy of loving. Otherwise, when your days are winding down, and the body in which your soul resides begins to falter, you’ll miss those chances you let slip away. The only real thing in life is love. Share it. Freely. With everyone. Yourself, included.