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The sun not yet above the earth’s curve, I listened as the geese called out in the soft light of the dawn. It was cold in my room; the window open from yesterday’s warmer weather. I wondered what I should do with the day and nestled deeper under the covers.

“The plants need your attention,” God pressed onto my heart.

“I know. I’ll head to the garden soon,” I promised. The beans had been looking a bit sallow the past few days.

“You need some attention, too,” God added.

“Me? What’s wrong with me?” I asked, a bit concerned.

“Nothing is wrong with you. But you’ve been giving so much of yourself lately, you need to receive now,” God answered.

“But I thought that was what we are supposed to do, give, and be of service like Jesus was of service.”

“Even Jesus took time off,” God reminded me.

“How do I receive?” I asked.

“Let others help you. And be still and feel my love for you.”

“I’m not good with being still, am I?”

“You could work on it,” God chuckled. “But I made you the way you are, full of energy and drive. You just need to slow down once in a while, Sparrow.”

The geese called out, their raucous voices like odd laughter. I made myself cozier and listened, taking in their strange beauty.

“I’ll let love in today,” I whispered. “I’ll let you in.” I smiled and rested quietly and savored the new day’s peace and promise.

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