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In the gloaming, the birds ceased their singing. Out in the field, the once busy squirrels scampered home. I looked over the garden¾shadows stretching their fingers over the raised beds. “It’s time to stop,” I said. My work is done.”

 I picked up my tools and put them away. Off in the distance, I heard a rustling. There, by the creek, were two deer foraging for their dinner. One raised its head and looked at me, then went back to grazing.

“Will you watch over the garden tonight?” I asked God.

“Of course,” He answered.

The shy moon rose just above the treetops as the day handed the world over to the night. Tired, I sat on the bench and took off my gardening clogs as the crickets started singing.

“I love this time, this call to rest,” I told God. A cooling breeze moved through the garden. I sat there a bit longer, watching and listening, as the sky grew darker.

“Guess I’ll head home,” I finally said, although I wanted to stay longer in the stillness of the night.

“I’ll walk with you to your car,” God offered and tossed a handful of stars into the inky sky to light our way.

I closed the garden gate and tucked my small hand into His. I felt childlike walking with Him, my heart brimming with awe and wonder at His nighttime world. Sensing my feelings, He squeezed my hand and smiled. I smiled back, walking with the Source of everything, as His moon and stars shone brighter and brighter. Just like my heart does when I walk with Him, I thought. I squeezed His hand and smiled again.

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