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I ate my lunch in the garden under the warm noon sun. A few feet away, two hummingbirds took turns tasting the delphiniums. “I envy them, God,” I said. “They live their lives according to the instincts you created. They don’t fall short of your plans for them. ”I thought back over the years of my failures, my bad choices that took me down rocky roads I wish I had not traveled. “Let me be soft clay in your hands,” I prayed. “Mold me into the person you want me to be.”

“I’ve always had you in my hands,” God said and sat down next to me on the bench.

“But I’ve missed the mark so many times,” I explained. “Surely you remember.”

“I don’t keep count,” He said gently.

“But I…”

God put His finger to my lips, quieting me. “I shape you every day, opening your heart more and more. Even your past missteps have been used to lead you to good, to love.”

I didn’t answer. Instead, I sat silently, watching the hummingbirds dance in the air, and rested my head on the shoulder of the Potter. We sat for some time, the two of us, basking in love.

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