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Early in the morning, I padded down the hallway, forcefully tying the sash of my robe. I was in a bad mood, still carrying around resentments from yesterday. The current heatwave didn’t help; I had tossed and turned, sweaty, most of the night. I opened the sliding glass door to the deck to cool off the room, scaring away three finches from the feeder. Usually, I’d have felt bad for disturbing them, but I didn’t care this morning.

Coffee. I need coffee, I thought and turned toward the kitchen, but the sound of a familiar song stopped me. “What is that?” I wondered, trying to place the tune.

“It’s your song,” God said. I gave it to you when you were born.

“My song?” I asked.

“Yes. When someone is born, I give them a song. When they forget who they are, I sing their song to them to remind them.” He smiled, His eyes twinkling, and began singing again.

I  stood still and listened carefully, letting the sound of His voice move through me. Emotions deep within me stirred: serenity, gratitude, and forgiveness. I felt them rise and wash away my anger and frustration.

“I remember now! How could I have forgotten?” I sang along, remembering the song God gave to me.

The finches returned to the feeder, and I made my latte, singing happily, remembering who I am: a kind and loving person, just as God made me, just as God made you.

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