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The temperature continued to riseworried about the garden, I hurriedly ate my lunch and drove over before my afternoon client calls. The squash had fared the worst, their big leaves flagging in the heat.

“You sweet babies,” I comforted them. I took my hose to the spigot, squatted down, and pushed back the tall grass that was in the way. My hand disturbed a little bee. He rose toward my face, startling me.

“Hey, little bee! Sorry, I scared you. I’m just getting a drink of water for my plants,” I explained.
I thought he’d fly away, but he buzzed about my hand, darting close, then retreating. He finally landed on a blade of grass by the hose bib and watched me.

“You’re a curious bee, aren’t you!” I smiled. Again, he rose, flew around my hand, and rested on another blade of grass. I knew the plants were waiting for water, but I didn’t want to leave the bee; it was such a sweet encounter. I thought about bees’ industrious nature and their ability to build and communicate with one another. A deep appreciation for God’s fine details in His creation welled up in me. The worries about the heat and having to rush through my lunch hour fell awayall that remained was this moment with one of God’s creatures. I inhaled a long, slow breath, then let it out, my stress going with it.

“Thank you, little bee, for reminding me to live in the moment and appreciate the little things.”

The bee buzzed closer to my hand, rose, and flew off toward the creek. I rose and walked back to the garden to the thirsty plants. I opened the gate, and there was God, wearing a sombrero, and smiling. “You liked my bee,” He said. “I hoped you would.”

A big bumblebee flew into the garden, buzzing around the salvias. I closed my eyes and listened, immersed in the miracle; God’s great gift to us alllife.

I opened my eyes. “You look rather silly in that hat, by the way,” I said and laughed.

God smiled, knowing that my heart was once again in the only place where I could access Himthe present moment.

“Let’s water some vegetables, shall we?” God asked and reached out His to hand to me.

“We shall,” I answered and took His hand.

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