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I struggled for hours to construct a trellis for the tomatoes. Intent upon growing them vertically, they’d need a sturdy structure. But my efforts seemed to be in vain. I wasn’t happy with anything I tried. I sat down on the strawbale and pondered the situation.

“Nice trellis,” God said, pointing to my latest creation.

“It’s rather flimsy, and it doesn’t look very pretty,” I said.

“Will it do the job you need it to do?”

“Yes, but I’d like it to be better,” I answered.

“Ah. Better. The bane of your happiness.”

“What do you mean? I asked.

“It’s time wasted and undue pressure on your nervous system to chase after ‘better.’ If you are honest with yourself, why do you want the trellis to be better?” God asked.

I thought through all my reasons for my feelings and then came to the one that caused me the most discomfort. “I don’t want the other gardeners to think my trellis isn’t any good.”

“Ego,” God said, His voice compassionate.

I nodded. “Yes. ego.”

“Ego ruins a lot of people’s happiness. It makes them chase after things that don’t matter. Good enough is good enough,” He said and smiled.

I looked at the trellis with new eyes. It was indeed, good enough. I’d not waste another moment of my most valuable asset, my time, on trying to make it better.


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