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Clouds gathered on the horizon; dark and foreboding. The wind pushed its way through the treetops, tossing their branches to and fro. Did I have time for a walk before the storm arrived? I laced up my tennis shoes, taking the gamble. I was out past the field, beyond the old abandoned building— its boards disfigured from years of passing seasons and neglect when the clouds tore open. I shivered in the cold rain and quickened my pace towards home.

On the last few feet of the path, I came upon a large puddle. I stopped, pondering how to navigate around it, but the childlike urge to jump into it overtook me. I giggled and jumped in with both feet—  already soaking wet, what was a little more water going to hurt?

“You’re playing,” God said and laughed.

“When life sends you rain, have fun with the puddles,” I answered.

God nodded. “Yes! Make the best of everything.”

“Come on, splash with me,” I invited, and reached out my hand. God and I jumped into the puddle together, laughing like children. A streak of blue appeared in the sky, the clouds wandering off to destinations unknown. “The storm is passing,” I said.

“They always do,” God replied.

“I’ll make the best of them when they come,” I promised.

God squeezed my hand and smiled.



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