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My granddaughter giggled at the bubbles streaming from the wand I moved through the air. She ran after them, trying to catch them. Her happiness lit up my heart. I laughed along with her. Out in the field, wild turkeys gobbled, joining their voices with ours. It was a perfect afternoon.

The bubble solution used up, and Delilah’s legs tired from the chase, we sat down in the shade. My thoughts turned to work, so many projects needed attention.

I should stop wasting time and get to work. I stood up to gather our things.

God put His hands on my shoulders and gently sat me back down. “Time isn’t wasted when you are having fun,” He whispered.

I looked at my smiling granddaughter. She wasn’t concerned with “doing.” She was happy “being.”

I reached into my backpack and brought out another bottle of bubble solution. “Let’s have some more fun,” I said, and stood up and waved the wand on the breeze, scattering a trail of bubbles. Delilah’s squeals of joy were music to my ears. Work could wait. Having fun enjoying life could not.

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