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Inching along in rush hour traffic, knowing that I’d be late for dinner, soured my mood. A car pulled onto the freeway in front of me, forcing me to press on the brakes. “Breathe,” I told myself. “It’s just traffic. You’ll get there,” But the words didn’t improve my mood, especially as the minutes wore on with very little forward progress.

“I know I should be grateful and all that good stuff, but I am in a really bad mood, God.” I turned on some soothing music, hoping it would settle me down.

“Feelings are feelings. They come and they go,” God explained.

“So it’s okay that I’m frustrated as long as I don’t run the slowpoke in front of me off the road?” I said, teasingly.

God smiled.  “I hope you don’t run sweet Mrs. Maplethorpe off the road. She’s on her way to visit her husband in the nursing home.”

“Oh God, I didn’t know. Now I feel bad for being angry at her for driving so slowly. She’s probably distracted.”

“Well, that and the fact that the cars ahead of her are all creeping along,” God pointed out.

“I’m sorry. I’ll calm down, ” I promised.

“You don’t have to apologize for your feelings; they are your truth at the moment. Remember I made you to have lots of emotions. In fact, yours will change in just a few moments when you pass the good samaritan changing the tire of a woman holding a baby in her arms.

Sure enough. There on the side of the road, I witnessed love in action, and my frustration melted away.

“Feel what you feel, Sparrow. It’s what you do with your feelings that matters.”

“Like helping others instead of hurting others,” I answered.

God smiled, His reply to me.




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