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The sun waved her goodbyes over the treetops. I buttoned my jacket as the night air descended upon the garden. A flock of birds flew overhead, heading home. “God, I love this time of day,”

“I know you do.”

“I’m curious why you decided to divide the night and day,” I said.

“For the fullness of creation,” God answered. “Everything must die and make room for something new. So it is with the day. Tomorrow you will have a new day, a new chance.”

“I like that idea; a new chance.”

“What will you do with yours?” God asked.

Visions of work rushed into my head, but I knew that wasn’t the answer. A hummingbird buzzed by me and hovered at the salvia, sipping her dinner. Crickets hidden in the grasses tuned their wings and began their night noises. How blessed I am to be a part of this spectacular world, I thought. “God, I will use my new chance to be a loving member of your creation.”

“That will make me happy.”

“I may need your help,” I confessed.

God lifted His full moon up over the eastern skyline, its face veiled behind a ribbon of clouds. “I’ll light your path, day and night.”

“Thank you,” I answered, so full of God’s love that it brimmed over into the garden, bathing everything in the mystery and magic of Him.




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