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I bought sunflowers to plant along the garden fence. Their cheery faces would be a nice addition, I thought. Gently, I removed one out of its plastic container. Its roots had been constrained —growing in a circle. Carefully, I  opened them up. “There you go. That will help you get a better start,” I said and placed the plant in the waiting hole I had dug. “Enjoy your new home.” The resident hummingbird hovered over my head, inspecting my planting skills. I smiled, grateful for my little garden plot.

I pushed my trowel into the ground and dug another hole, breaking apart the clods of earth so that the tender roots could find their way.

“God, be my gardener,” I prayed. “Help my roots in you grow strong and steady. Tend to me all the days of my life.”

I heard God’s voice in the buzzing of the bees, and the calling of the crows. I heard His voice in my heart, “I’ll take care of you, forever, Sparrow.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, and gently removed another plant from its plastic pot. “I want to grow only in your garden.”

The sun began her descent as I planted the last of the flowers. I pulled off my gloves and looked over all that was growing. I saw God’s beauty.

“Walk home with me?” I asked, but I knew I didn’t have to.

He matched His steps with mine, holding my hand and my heart.











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