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“With so many of us talking at you, do your ears ever get tired, God?” I asked after a rather long prayer I had offered up.

“Never,” He answered. “Your voices are part of the threads that knit creation.”

“That’s an interesting way to look at it.”

“Your tender truths are powerful. More powerful than you realize,” God said. “Don’t ever stop praying.”

“I couldn’t imagine my life without our conversations,” I said quietly. “It’s how I stay connected to you.”

“I love listening to your words, to everyone’s words, to the voices of my creatures, great and small,” God explained.

“You listen to the animals?”

“Of course I do.”

I sat silently for a few moments, thinking of the time when I was recovering from my brain injury. Then, my prayers were full of anger and despair. I lowered my head in shame, remembering.

“Even those prayers were welcomed,” God said gently. “Lift your face to me, Sparrow.”

I looked up into His eyes of grace, of peace that passes all understanding.

“Thank you,” I whispered, barely able to speak, His majesty so overwhelming.

“Don’t ever stop sharing your truth with me,” He said and rested His hand on my shoulder.

“Never,” I promised.



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