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I hammered a new birdbath into the flowerbed in the garden. A hummingbird sat on the fence wire, watching. “This is for you, my little friend,” I said and smiled. “But you’ll have to share with the bees and butterflies,”

The hummingbird tilted his head as if he understood me. I laughed and filled the bowl with water. The hummingbird flew down, closer.

“Wait, little fellow. It’s not done yet.” I opened a bag of clear marbles and poured them into the bowl. “I don’t want the bees to drown.” I spread out the marbles, creating safe places for the bees to land and safely take a drink.

I heard the gate swing open, and looked up. “You’re industrious this morning,” God said walking toward me.

“Just taking care of your creation,” I answered.

“Thank you! You understand dominion. It’s not about control or exploitation. Dominion is showing the world what I am like. It’s reflecting my character.” He stood over the birdbath, inspecting it.

“Great idea, the marbles,” He said and patted me on the back.

“Thanks! Tomorrow I’m making a solar-powered fountain for your tiny birds.”

Both of us stepped back and allowed the thirsty hummingbird to come and take a sip. He hovered over the bowl, darting from one little pool of water between the marbles to the next. A fat bumble bee, heavy with pollen, buzzed about the bowl, waiting his turn.

“I hope I reflect your character in every aspect of my life, God,” I said, and slipped my arm around His waist and leaned into Him.

“I am pleased with you, my child,” He whispered and kissed my head.

I smiled. Nothing was more important to me than pleasing Him.




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