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Are you here, God? I wondered, lifting the dumbbells up over my head. I can’t feel you. I feel only embarrassment. I looked around at the others in the exercise class: all younger and stronger.

“Of course, I’m here, Sparrow,” God whispered into my heart. “Can you feel your body?”

“Yes. It’s aching at the moment,” I said and wiped drops of sweat from my brow.

“Then you feel me. I’m in your cells and in your sinews,” God reminded me.

“Then I guess there’s no reason to be embarrassed if I am filled with you,” I said and looked around the room, feeling more confident.

The music paused as we moved to a different exercise. I got down on my hands and knees in a plank position and felt God coursing through my aching but happy muscles. “It feels good to take care of this temple that houses me and your Spirit,” I shared silently.

“You’ve got this!” He said and smiled.

“You bet I do!” I smiled, arms and legs shaking, but sustaining the plank pose. “Thank you for this amazing body that can improve, even at 64.”

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