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Walking through the damp woods by the creek I noticed mushrooms growing near fallen branches. I pointed to them and said, “God, look, the great connectors. Their roots allow the trees to communicate with one another.”

“That’s right,” God replied “The mushroom’s mycelium is the network the trees use. The mycelium also breaks down organic matter into nutrients. They are an indispensable part of the ecosystem, setting decomposition and regeneration into motion.”

“Mushrooms are remarkable,” I replied. “Your intelligent design is breathtaking. What fascinates me is the way in which so many things in the ecosystem work for the benefit of one another. There is such generosity in nature.”

“That generosity is Me,” God whispered on the wind as it moved gently through the trees.

“I feel you in it all— your power. Your love. Your respect for your handiwork. Now, if  humans could have that  kind of respect, what a wonderful world it would be.”

I walked along, marveling at the plants, the birds, the insects, and the water that babbled along over smooth stones. I walked along marveling at God and His glorious, generous creation.


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