“Consider how the wild flowers grow.”
~Luke 12:27

“I made them for you,” God said so quietly that I almost didn’t hear Him.

“Made what?” I asked as I dug my hand trowel into the wet earth.

“The flowers.”

“That was very thoughtful of you,” I said and gently moved an earthworm out of the way of my digging.

“When I was creating the universe, I thought to myself, Man will need something to remind him that I care about him. Something whimsical. Something beautiful. So I created flowers for your enjoyment,” God explained. “I hope that when you look at them you’ll realize that I love you enough to give you such delight.”

“I hadn’t thought of flowers that way before,” I replied honestly. ” I mean, I like them a lot, as you can tell by my garden. But I didn’t know that you made them just for us to understand that you love us.”

Thunder rumbled off in the distance. I looked up to see clouds moving in from the mountains. “I guess I better get out of the coming storm. Let’s go inside and have some lunch, shall we?” I pulled off my gloves and put them in the potting shed. “I want to hear more about the things that you made for us.”

“I made everything for you,” God said as I opened the door to the kitchen.

“I thought you’d say that.” I laughed. “You really do love us, don’t you?”

“If you only knew how much,” God whispered. “If you only knew…”



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