I am with you always.
~Matthew 28:20

The sun spread her fingers up over the horizon and into my window, searching for me. I pulled on my bathrobe and went out to greet her. “Good morning, sun,” I said. I sat in the old wicker chair on my porch and watched her soft light move across the yard. A covey of quail by the barn rose all at once, the frenzy of their wings breaking the hush of the morning.

“Good morning, God,” I said.

“Good morning, Sparrow,” He answered.

“I just wanted to know you’re here,” I said.


“It’s a beautiful morning,” I said.

“Yes, it is. What are you going to do with the day?” God asked.

“Whatever it is that you want me to do,” I answered.

“Today is a good day to love,” God whispered on the wind. “A very good day, indeed,” and He reached out and took my heart and held it in His hands. I lingered there for a while, wonderfully full of Him.

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