“In his hand is the life of every creature and the breath of all mankind.”
~Job 12:10

A hungry gopher has been pulling my sunflowers down into the warm earth, one-by-one, delighting in their deliciousness. Today, when walking the fenceline of the garden, I saw what remained of one of the young stalks. Most of it was below ground, or in the gopher’s belly. In an instant, anger flashed through me. I walked back to my cottage, my heart beating hard in my chest.

“He’s one of my creatures,” God reminded me as I closed the garden gate.

“Yes, but he’s eating my flowers,” I said.

“Whose flowers?”

“Your flowers,” I said rather sheepishly.

“Plant more,” God suggested. “There will be enough for the gopher’s dinner and your enjoyment.”

I turned and watched a dozen birds vying for position on the tall feeders that I fill every morning. Below them, a gray squirrel was eating the peanuts I had placed in a bowl. What’s one more hungry mouth to feed? I thought to myself, mentally making a note to buy sunflower seeds.

“Be tolerant of all that I’ve made. Including gophers. Even people,” God said.

“Only you, God, can take devoured sunflower stalks and turn them into a lesson about love.”

“That’s why they pay me the big bucks.”

I laughed. “Now you are just being silly.”

“You think that’s silly? Have you seen my platypus?” God chuckled.

I smiled, happy to get on with my day. Happy to be relieved of worrying about a gopher eating its way down a row of God’s sunflowers.



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