Praise the Lord, my soul; all my inmost being, praise His holy name.
~Psalm 103:1

I woke in the deep of the night and took a throw blanket from the rack on my bedroom wall. I wrapped it around my shoulders as I padded down the hall, out to the porch. The stillness of the night engulfed me; I curled up in the wicker chair and turned my eyes to the heavens, admiring the stars overhead. Out beyond the reaches of the yard, the snap of twigs caught my attention. A buck broke through the brambles and stood still, bathed in the moonlight. He turned, and disappeared back into the thicket, leaving me in awe of his beauty.

A breeze blew down from the orchard; I turned my face to it. I closed my eyes, breathing in the perfume of ripe pears that traveled on the wind. “God, this is when I feel you the most,” I whispered. “The night is like an altar for me to worship you.”

And so I sat in the small hours of the night and held Him in my heart, adoring Him. When the first light of dawn reached over the horizon, I went back inside the cottage to start my day, swaddled in His love.




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