Hello, I’m…

Jennifer Austin Leigh, PsyD.  I’m a  coach and an author. I help people heal their past wounds and  move beyond their current chaos and confusion so that they are happier and  healthier.

My coaching and my writing are based on my doctorate in psychology, post-doc studies of social neuroscience, spiritual teachings, and my lived experience of recovering from a brain injury. 

I write and share Soul Reminders to help people feel peace and to (hopefully)  inspire them to love more.

You can find me on:
Instagram @ soul_reminders
Facebook @ soulremindersforyou

As A Coach I Believe…

Love and safety are critical.

That’s why I teach my coaching clients about polyvagal theory (how the brain/nervous system works) so that they know how to master their negative thoughts and feelings that erode well-being and happiness.

Well-being rests on four cornerstones.

Eat right (whole-food plant-based diet), move more, stress less, and love well are the lifestyle habits that generate health and happiness. We can’t be truly healthy and happy  if we don’t apply these to all that we are— mind, body, and spirit,

We need more "Yes!" answers.

The brain is constantly “asking” what social neuroscientists call the Big Brain Question, “Am I safe?” The more “Yes!” answers we receive, the more our brains develop and organize optimally. That translates to overall well-being and a more productive, happy life.



  • A Little Book of Listening Skills
  • Laid or Loved?
  • How to Raise Dandelion Daughters
  • Soul Reminders, 101 Devotions for Your Journey
  • Listen Like Jesus, 40 Days to a Stronger Family
  • Soul Reminders, Little Chats With God 

Career Highlights

  • Interviewed on national television, radio, and top-tier media

  • Taught the neuroscience of creativity at Stanford University

  • National Charity League speaker

  • International workshop leader

  • Addictionblog.org contributor

  • Psychology Today contributor

  • Award-winning author

  • Benzodiazepine withdrawal coach

Questions? Concerns? Want to book a coaching session? Please reach out.

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