My Story

After raising my four children, I went back to school and earned a doctorate in psychology and began a coaching career. An award-winning author, I was featured on TV and radio and interviewed by newspapers and magazines. Psychology Today asked me to be a contributor. But my career came to a halt when I suffered a brain injury.

Unable to work, God urged me to go outside and plant a flower garden in my front yard. It was in my garden that I discovered the healing power of God’s love. I wrote inspirational quotes on a chalkboard and hung it on the garden fence for people to read. That was the beginning of Soul Reminders.   A few years later, I drove across the USA on a mission to help others heal. It was then that I began publishing Soul Reminders online.

Now recovered from my brain injury, I coach people who want true health and happiness. I also teach online workshops and hold in-person retreats.

People often ask me about my religion. I am simply a follower of Jesus who taught that we are to love God and each other.

I Believe…

Love is powerful

It heals. Transforms. Creates. Without it, we can’t achieve our fullest potential. It’s the one thing that Jesus said we HAVE to do.

Listening is transformative

Listening to others is one of the best gifts we can give to ourselves. It opens our minds, our hearts, and it creates opportunities. Listening is love in action.

God is in control

No matter what is going on, God’s got it. There is nothing outside of God, so we can all rest easy knowing that there is nothing that God can’t handle, including our chaos, confusion, and mistakes.

Service works

Being of service to others relieves boredom, apathy, anxiety, depression, selfishness, self-centeredness, and more. Remember that die-to-self stuff Jesus talked about? He wasn’t kidding.

Shoes go here

Put your shoes way back under your bed at night so that in the morning you have to get on your knees to get them out. It’s a great position to be in to humble yourself before God as you start your day with prayer.


My Work

Whether I am coaching, hosting a retreat, or teaching an online course, I help my clients have more:

health and wellness
patience and peace
time for what really matters
comfort with decision-making



Career Highlights

  • On national television and radio

  • Interviewed by top-tier media (New York Times, Huffington Post, Reuters)

  • Taught the neuroscience of creativity at Stanford University

  • National Charity League speaker

  • International workshop leader

  • contributor

  • Psychology Today contributor

  • Award-winning author


  • A Little Book of Listening Skills
  • Laid or Loved?
  • How to Raise Dandelion Daughters
  • Soul Reminders, 101 Devotions for Your Journey
  • Listen Like Jesus, 40 Days to a Stronger Family
  • Soul Reminders, Little Chats With God


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