“Let go, let God,” I repeated over and over as I pushed the hand trowel into the soft earth—concerns about the financial impact of the pandemic on my mind. An earthworm wiggled in the exposed soil. Gently, I picked her up and moved her out of the way of the trowel. The pair of sparrows returned to the yard, stopping at the feeder before returning to their nest building. A white moth flew by me, intent on exploring the tall foxgloves, while off in the distance, a crow called out in his raucous voice. “You aren’t worried about the future, are you?” I said to the hummingbird zooming about the salvias.

“It’s going to be okay,” God said and sat down next to me on the warm ground.

“You promise?”

“Yes,” He said gently.

I placed a petunia into the hole I’d dug. “I’m doing my best to trust that,” I replied.

“I sent my angels to remind you that I am here, and in charge.”

“Your angels?”

God waved His hands, “All the living creatures in your garden,” He said.

A fat bumblebee buzzed by my head. “I thought angels looked different, you know, gossamer wings,” I said and smiled.

God rested His hand on my shoulder. “Let my angels lift your spirits and fill you with my love.”

“They always do,” I answered. I looked up at His face. “Thank you.”

He nodded, then rose to attend to someone else whose heart was in need of Him.

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