The Word was made flesh and lived among us.
~John 1:14

“How can we make sense of you God, when we can’t fully fathom you?” I asked as I hiked the nature trail in-between the storms that had been battering the area.

“Through my Son, whom I sent to you as one of you. In Him, you find your way to me,” God answered. “Why do you walk this path?” He asked me as I stepped cautiously around a big puddle.

“Because I can follow it without having to figure out where to go,” I answered.

“You don’t have to figure out where to go when you follow Jesus. He walked before you, to show you how to live. Imitate His behavior—how He lived and died as a human being.” God explained. “As the Word made into human flesh, Jesus brings you to a closer relationship with me who is beyond your human experience.”

I glanced up and saw a rainbow breaking through the clouds—God’s promise to us. I smiled, knowing that my human mind may never fully comprehend God, but I could try my best to do as He instructed. As I walked on, I thought of Jesus’ simple way of telling us how to be closer to God. “Follow me,” was all He needed to say.









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