“Yours is the day, Yours also is the night…”
~Psalm 74:16

I put my blowup mattress on the back porch last night, eager to sleep out under the stars. As the moon came into view, I settled down to enjoy a restful slumber. I was just about to drift off when the low growl of a cat startled me. I turned on my flashlight to see if it was one of the feral cats I feed, (instead of a bobcat or mountain lion) but I couldn’t see it hiding in the berry bushes. I settled back down again. A minute later a noise on the nearby tree caught my attention. My flashlight revealed a rather large raccoon climbing down, just a mere few feet away from my face. Again, I settled down. The cat continued to growl, its anger audible. Foxes out in the ravine began calling to one another, their sharp raspy barks punctuating the dark. Bullfrogs joined the cacophony, and an unknown animal rustled through the undergrowth, cracking twigs and branches as it made it’s way unseen. I got my pillow and went back inside; the noise too distracting for sleep.

I curled up in my bed and thought about how the night animals are unknown to us; for we are fast asleep as they live out their lives. It is like a whole new universe opens up in the cover of darkness. Life goes on around us twenty-four hours a day, all set to God’s time clock; all set to His purpose. We truly are blessed to be a part of it.




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