There is no fear in love.
~1 John 4:18

I woke this morning to a sky blanketed in gray clouds. Maybe we’ll get the first rain of the season, I thought as I padded down the hall to the kitchen, tugging my robe close to my chest to ward off the chill. Too cold to sit outside with my coffee, I curled up on the chaise lounge, my thoughts a jumble of worries and woes. I couldn’t think of anything other than things that were out of my control. “God, I need to give these thoughts and feelings to you,” I said.

“I’ll take them from you,” God said as He stretched out His hands to me. “Give them to me.”

“What will you do with them?” I asked, curious.

“I’ll breathe love into them,” He said. “Fear and worry can’t exist in love.”

“If I loved more, would I worry less?” I asked.

“Undoubtedly,” He replied.

“Is there a secret for loving more?” I asked.

“It’s not a secret. All you have to do is to trust me more.”

A gust of wind rushed by, rattling the windows.  “You don’t have to be so dramatic,” I said.

“I’m not being dramatic. Just breathing love your way,” God said. Just then, drops of water broke free from the clouds and fell to the earth.

“Rain!” I shouted. I opened the door and went out and stood in it as another gust of wind rushed past me, lifting my hair. When my robe was damp, I went back inside to start a fire in the pot belly stove so that I could dry off. “Thank you, God,” I said, “I’m not worried anymore.”

“You’re welcome, Sparrow,” God said, and breathed more love my way. It wrapped around the cottage in an embrace.


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