The foxgloves reached higher and higher, waving their tall spires to answer my question, “Who is the most beautiful flower in the garden?” I smiled at them, watching the bees busy inside their bell-shaped blossoms. The calendulas, not to be outdone, opened their petals wide, and smiled back at me. Even the succulents looked especially cheery this morning.

I sat in my garden chair to sip my coffee and enjoy the good morning. “God, you feel all sunshiney today,” I said and smiled.

He blew a gentle breeze my way, lifting my hair and sending the blossoms bobbing about.

“Thank you,” I said, and tilted my face up to the heavens. I closed my eyes and enjoyed His warmth on my face. “Shall we have a good day, together?” I asked.

A finch landed on the feeder, singing a happy tune. “I’ll take that as a yes!” I said.

And so we did, all throughout the day, God burning bright inside of me.


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