The day was done. The sun took her last bow, and graciously sank from view.  I sat on the deck, pulling my scarf tightly around my neck to ward off the cold, and watched the night sky slowly come to life, star by star.  Above the eastern ridgeline, the moon climbed into view, spilling her pale candle of light onto the hills below.

“The sun had to set for the moon and stars to shine,” God whispered to me.

“Yes, I know,” I agreed. “It’s so bright it drowns out everything else.”

God nodded. We sat together in silence, the only sound between us, the rustling of the trees. After some time, I rose to go inside.

“I think I know what you wanted me to learn tonight, God,” I spoke as I opened the door. “To remember to get off center stage so that others can shine and be seen.”

God put His gentle hand on my shoulder. “That’s right, Sparrow,” He said. “Let others have a turn. Let others shine.”

I looked back over my shoulder just in time to catch a shooting star blaze a trail across the darkened sky— God’s exclamation point.


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