“Do everything without grumbling or arguing.”
~Phillipians 2:14

“This stinks,” I muttered under my breath. A situation with a friend was bugging me. A lot. “Why can’t people get their act together, God? I asked in a rather testy voice. I spent the better portion of the morning complaining to God about the situation. He got fed up with it right around lunch time.

“Stop it!” He demanded. “Stop complaining!” His voice was unusually loud.

“But my friend…” I didn’t get to finish my sentence before God cut me off.

“When you complain, you’re telling me I am not doing things right,” He said. “Don’t tell me how to be God.”

“You’re right. I’m sorry.” I offered my apology. “If you are in charge, I guess I don’t have any room to complain, do I?”

“Spend your mental energy on giving thanks, instead of grumbling,” He suggested. His voice had softened and for that, I was grateful!

“Yes, God. I’ll do that,” I answered. For the rest of the day, every time I wanted to complain about my friend, I gave thanks for my friend instead. By the end of the day, I was at peace. I felt love for my friend again. I went to sleep with the promise to wake the next morning with praise and thanksgiving for all things. I promised to not complain to God, to myself, or to others. I’m challenging myself to remember that God doesn’t make mistakes.

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