Nothing in all creation will be able to separate us from the love of God.
~Romans 8:39

“You’re always here, aren’t you?” I asked God after an emotionally challenging day.

“Yes. Always,” God answered.

“You won’t ever leave me?”

“Never. I love you.”

“What if I make a mistake?” I asked.

“I’ll still love you,” God said gently.

“But what if it’s a really big mistake?”

“I’ll still love you.”

“But what if it’s a huge, gigantic, enormous mistake?” I spread my arms out as wide as I could to show Him just how big it might be.

“Nothing can separate you from my love,” God said and rested His hands on my shoulders. “Not even your mistakes, no matter how big they are.”

“You’ll never abandon me?”

“I’ll never abandon you,” He replied. “I’m not like your friends or family who can be swayed by their emotions to turn their backs on you. I’m God. The Alpha and the Omega. No matter how rocky your life may be, no matter how chaotic or confusing, I am always with you. You can always rely on my love.”

“Thank you,” I whispered, and put my hands on top of His. We stood there until I felt renewed by His love, and then I got on with my evening chores, the day now done.




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