Lord Almighty, blessed is the one who trusts in you.
~Psalm 84:12

As I walked to my car from the farmstand I passed a woman with a basket full of vegetables she had just picked. “Nice tomatoes,” I said and smiled.

“Have you tried this one?” She asked, and fished out a delicate yellow oval fruit from under the red cherry tomatoes. I shook my head. “Here, try it. It’s like eating the sun.” I took it from her and bit into it. Its juice filled my mouth with a sweet deliciousness. I thanked her for the opportunity to try a new variety.

“I’ll come back Sunday to pick some,” I promised. She smiled and went on her way. How blessed I am to live in such a place as this, God, I thought to myself. Friendly strangers, organic farms, and the sun, available in a little torpedo of a tomato.¬†

“It was no accident that I encouraged you to move here,” God said. “When you follow the desires I put inside of you, life will always turn out well.”

I stood by the farm’s gate and gazed out over the acres of vegetables growing in the warmth of the last days of summer. I thought of all of the fears that I could have allowed to stop me from moving here, and I was grateful that I had trusted God.


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