“…rather, he made himself nothing…”
~Philippians 2:11

“Father, how do I live a life of purpose?” I asked as I sat on my back porch sipping my coffee as the world woke up.

“You live as my Son showed you how to live,” God answered.

“I walk everywhere and share the Gospel?”

“No,” God said. “You use your talents in service to others. Jesus could have come to the world in glory, His birthright blinding, it was so bright. But instead, He emptied Himself of all of that and lived among you to serve you. Service is the life of purpose, Sparrow.”

“How do I know my purpse?” I asked.

“Empty yourself of your ego. Be still and know me. Feel what I place in your heart.”

“Does living a life of purpse mean success?” I asked.

“Not all will earn money with their service, but all will gain my kingdom.” God explained.

“So to live my purpose I need  to empty myself, feel you in my heart, and to put that into service?”

“Yes. You’ll live a remarkable life if you do that,” God said gently.

I sipped my coffee and breathed in the early morning air. It was fresh with life, with possibility—with purpose.

(Dear Reader, my internet is down. But miraculously, I was able to access my Soul Reminders website to write this reminder to you! I hope you’ll take these words to heart. It seems that God really wants you to know them!)



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