Christ is in you.
~Colossians 1:27

The light in the refrigerator cast a pale glow in the dark kitchen as I stood with the door open, peering at the fruits and vegetables neatly stored on the shelves. I pulled out a glass jar filled with local organic strawberries and poured a few into a bowl. Maybe they would satisfy me. I washed them in the light of the full moon that spilled its way through the kitchen window. I popped one into my mouth and savored the sweet burst of flavor. Was I really hungry?

So often I’ve turned to something outside of myself for comfort, hoping that the external would fix the internal chaos or confusion. I put the berries back in the fridge and closed the door. I padded down the hall to the bedroom and slipped in-between the sheets. “I’ve got a lot on my mind, God,” I prayed. “More than a bowl of strawberries can fix.”

“What you need is not “out there,” but rather it is in here,” God said and put His hand over my heart.

All of my cares and concerns tumbled out until there wasn’t anything more to say. I felt God within me, calming me, guiding me, satiating the hunger in my soul. The moonlight found its way into the bedroom window and together we curled up and drifted off to sleep, safe in God.





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