“Be still, and know that I am God…”
~Psalm 46:10

“Where are you today, God?” I asked as I ran out the door to yet another business meeting. My heart ached for Him.

“I told you where I am, Sparrow,” God answered me. “You’ve been choosing to ignore my words.”

“I have?”

“Yes. You choose to hurry about your day, fretting over things you can’t control. You schedule one thing after the other. When you do have down time, you check your phone for messages, emails or social media posts. You can’t connect with me because you don’t slow down, stop, and be still. I’m in the stillness,” God said ever so gently.

I thought about God’s words for a moment. He was right. The more I do, the more I feel disconnected from Him.

“Do you know why silence is so important?” God asked me. “The answers are in the silence. Silence and stillness, Sparrow. Come and find me there.”

When I got home later in the day, I found a quiet place in my garden. I did my best to sit in the stillness and the silence and ignore my chattering mind. And you know what? God was there in the silence. In the stillness. In me. I felt His presence. I heard His answers. My heart no longer ached.


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