The noon hour found me sitting in my garden, sipping a cool glass of water. It had been a rather chaotic morning, so the flowers were a calming presence. I took out my phone and scrolled through recent pictures of my newest grandchild—her smile always makes me happy. Over the past few weeks, she has begun to look more and more like her father—duplicating his chubby cheeks. I smiled at the pictures of her and put the phone away—turning my attention to life humming around me.

The bees, in particular, caught my eye— coming and going in and out of the foxglove blossoms. The birds sang at the feeder, while a hungry grey squirrel darted down the length of the wooden fence to join them in eating sunflower seeds. “This is your DNA,” I said to God. sweeping my arm in a wide arc. “Every living thing carries your divinity.”

“I’m glad you see the resemblance of my heart in my creation,” God whispered, and blew the clouds across the sky, sending them tumbling over one another. I smiled at His playfulness.

“I’m hungry. Shall we have lunch together?” Iasked.

God nodded. I rose and went inside to cook some of His rice and vegetables for a nourishing meal of His love.

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