In God, all things hold together
~Colossians 1:17

A family of crows has taken up residence in the heritage oak. They shout at one another early in the morning, their jagged squawks grating on me in these gentle hours. I cringe, wishing for the songbirds to awaken.

“You don’t appreciate my crows?” God asked.

“They are so boisterous this morning. I’d rather have some peace and quiet.”

“This is how they wake up. They greet one another,” God explained. “I designed them to be communicative.”

I thought of the hubbub in my home when my four children were little; the excited voices, the burst of early morning energy. My heart softened with the memory.

“You can do that with everyone, you know,” God said.

“Do what?”

“Listen with your heart,” God said gently. “Every living thing has my Hands in its making. Listen for that.”

The crows continued their raucous calls. I turned toward them and listened with my heart so that I could hear God’s Hands in their voices. Soon their calls sounded like a symphony greeting the rising sun, saying hello to the miracle of a new day.





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