Pray as though everything depended on God. Work as though everything depended on you.
~Saint Augustine

I snapped on Shakespeare’s leash for our last walk of the day. I felt rather overwhelmed, so many pressing details of my life cried out for attention. A walk would do us both some good. Hopefully, I’d clear my head before the evening arrived. We had not gotten very far when I felt a familiar tugging at my heart. “Is that you, God?” I asked.

“My child, you’re stressed, worried about so many things. Why don’t you give me those worries? Let me steer you in the right direction,” God asked gently.

“If I give these things to you, do I have to do anything else?”

“Yes. You have to row the boat.”

A flock of starlings lifted from a nearby field, creating a black cloud that pulled and pulsed, a murmuration.

“See my darling birds?” God asked. “They do the work of flying, but I steer them to make those beautiful scenes in the sky.”

“Okay, God, I’ll row if you promise to steer,” I said.

God chuckled. “I’ve never stopped steering. It is you who stopped doing the work. We can’t get anywhere together if you don’t make the effort.”

I nodded. “Thank you, for being there,” I whispered.

“Always and forever,” God whispered back.

The cloud of starlings disappeared out over the field. I turned towards home, buttoning my coat as we walked into the wind, my heart warm, full of God.

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