The light shines in the darkness.
~John 1:5

The sun waved goodbye to the day and slipped below the horizon. I watched from the bench under the pear tree as the last of the light faded from the garden. The twinkle lights on the arbor began to shine in the darkness, casting a sweet glow to the yard. “Those lights have been on all day,” I said. “But they shine best in the darkness. Sorta like you, God.”

“I understand. Even though my light is constant, the darkness makes it appear the brightest,” God answered.

“Yes. You’re my beacon of strength and hope when times are hard. You light the way for me. Thank you,” I replied.

“You are welcome, Sparrow. Please don’t forget that my light is there in the good times as well. Don’t ignore it. Let it lead you all the days of your life, not just when you are troubled or afraid,” God instructed.

I sat in silence for a few moments, pondering His words. “You’re right. I rely on you less when times are good,” I confessed. “I’m sorry.”

“Here, take my hand. Let’s walk back to the cottage,” God invited.

I stood up and God threw a handful of stars across the dark sky. They danced above us, sprinkling their light on our steps as we made our way back home together.




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