“The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come…”
~Song of Solomon 2:12

I’ve walked the streets of my neighborhood for years. I know the front yards of many of my neighbors. Being an avid gardener, I am always looking at other’s landscaping. So it was with great surprise this morning that I noticed white camellia blossoms on the ground in a yard just a few doors down from my house. I had never noticed the bush before! It was tucked away against a wall and partly hidden behind a rather large tree. I felt as if I had discovered a new treasure. I was delighted. I walked on and pondered why, in all of the years walking past that house, I had never been consciously aware of the plant. What else might I be missing in my life? What else might be hiding in plain sight?

I thought of many things that I probably don’t see all of the time; people’s goodness and courage came to mind.¬†What else? I asked myself. I often don’t see God’s grace and abundance. I overlook His forgiveness. I also fail to see that I am a part of this creation on equal footing with every animate and inanimate thing. I’m not special. I’m simply a part of the whole. I’m sure that I don’t always see my character defects or shortcomings.

I rejoiced for having seen the camellia. It made me realize I’m not seeing quite a bit in my life. It opened my eyes to God’s incredible glory and to things I’d like to change within myself. What might be hiding in plain sight in your life?

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