“‘Have faith in God,’ Jesus answered.”
~Mark 11:22

“Come on, let’s go for a walk,” Faith said to Hope. “We’ve been cooped up in this musty old place for far too long.”
“I agree,” said Hope. And so, the two of them went out walking.
“Look at that hawk circling over the pond,” Faith pointed for Hope to see.
“Uh huh, I see it. Look at the deer over by the thicket,” Hope pointed for Faith to see.
They walked along, delighting in the wildlife they saw. At the far end of the meadow, they came upon a fox who had unfortunately gotten his head stuck in a fence.
Hope said, “I sure wish that the farmer who owns that pasture will find him and help him.”
“Wishing isn’t enough,” said Faith as she walked over to the fox.
“He might bite you!” warned Hope.
“Maybe,” she said and sat down next to the fox. She used all of her might to bend the fence until she freed the fox who gratefully ran away.
“Good job!” said Hope as they began walking again.
In a little while, they came to a creek, its water rushing from the spring snowmelt. “How will we cross?” asked Hope.
“Climb on my back. I’ll get us across,” said Faith.
“You’re crazy! There is no way you can carry me through that water. It’s too rough,” said Hope.
“I have no intention of carrying you through it,” replied Faith.
“Then why should I climb on your back?”
“Because I’m going to jump across it!” said Faith
“You’re crazier than I thought!” said Hope. She stepped away from Faith.
“Your choice,” Faith said. She took a running start and lept across the creek, landing safely on the opposite bank.
Hope stood alone, dumbstruck. “There’s no way I could ever do that,” she called to Faith over the roar of the water.
“I know. That’s why I offered to carry you,” Faith called back to her.

What’s the moral of the story? Hope is a good thing to have, but it’s faith that gets things done. When you need to get across the rough waters of your life, have hope, but count on faith to carry you across safely.

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