“Make me to know your ways, O Lord…”
~Psalm 25:4

“God? It’s me,” I said as the sun poked her head up over the horizon. “Thank you for this new day.” I looked out of the window at the little universe in my garden slowly waking up. I was just about to start my usual morning prayer and ask for a whole bunch of things that I need when something stopped me. I turned my face to the heavens and instead, I asked, “How are you this morning, God?”

God whispered, “Thank you for asking.” I heard the birds singing. I watched the clouds chase one another across the sky. The majestic magnolia tree across the street bowed in the morning breeze. “I’m fine,” He said. I smiled, knowing that God was having a good morning.

Sometimes I forget that my relationship with God needs to be a two-way street. I have to remember to stop talking about my problems and needs. I need to remember to ask God how He is doing. I challenge you today to not ask God for anything. Instead, ask about Him. Then, be quiet and listen. What you hear may surprise you!


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