The sun, already risen, waited for me to come out to the garden. I poured myself a cup of coffee, then joined her. A breeze blew in off the ocean, swaying the blossoms to and fro. The finches were eating at the feeder, and the butterflies and bees bobbed about. All around me was the love of God, flowing throughout His creatures and creation.

So moved was I by the peacefulness, I wondered, How can people, who have God’s spirit within them, harm another who has God’s spirit dwelling within them?

“Fear makes people harm others,” God said.

“How can we help people to be unafraid?” I asked.

“Love them,” God answered.

“It’s hard to love someone who is doing hurtful things.”

“They still have my Spirit in them,” He reminded me. “To withhold love from them is its own type of harm,” He explained.

I allowed God’s words to settle into my heart, to always encourage me to love, no matter what. We sat together and enjoyed His creation waking up to the new day, a new chance to share and receive His love.





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