Love God with all your heart
~Luke 10:27

A few Christmases ago my daughter gave me the little book, What I Love About Mom. It has sentences that are unfinished so the person giving the book can write in their thoughts, making it a very intimate and sweet gift. For example, the first page says, “I love your___________.”  I often curl up at night before falling asleep and read what my daughter wrote about me. It touches my heart.

I thought how interesting it would be to write about the things I love about God in the same fashion. I hope you’ll join me in answering the questions.

God, I love your _____________________.

I really like it when you _______________.

You inspire me to ____________________.

I am thankful for your_________________.

I’ll never forget when you ______________.

When I ______________ you always ________________.

I’m glad you ______________________.

When you________________ I’m __________________.

Remember when we _______________?

I want to emulate your______________.

Please don’t ever forget___________.

I’m always amazed by your_________.

I hope you had as much fun as I did in thinking about what you love about God. I am sure that God enjoys knowing our answers.








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