“We are many parts of one body, and we all belong to each other.”
~Romans 12:5

This morning, I picked a bouquet of fall flowers and put them on my desk. Each blossom was beautiful in its own way. All throughout the day, I admired their colors: yellows, oranges, purples, and greens. The colors were softer, duller than the spring and summer blooms that were bright and bold. I liked this quieter palette. It suited the shorter days and the slowing down from the activities of the warmer months.

I thought about how important color is in God’s creation. It attracts mates. It repels predators. It delights us in unexpected ways. I thought about how focused we’ve become on color the past few days. Red and blue have been hot topics this election week. How we voted suddenly determines how people react to us, as if our political views totally define us. (They don’t.) I thought about the deep divide in our country and wondered how it is going to heal. How will we come together, instead of standing apart?

We certainly can’t heal and unite if we continue to see red and blue when we look at each other. We have to see flesh and bones. We are all human being with the same wants, desires, and needs; the need to be heard. The need to be seen. The need to be understood. The need to be respected, and the need to be loved.

Let’s see each other’s true colors—our beautiful souls— as belonging to God and to each other, instead of seeing our politics, religion, or any other label that would set people apart as “other.” There is no other. There is only us.


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