Be content with what you have.
~Hebrews 13:5

Walking the trail today I noticed naked ladies blooming on the hillside. Their tall brown stems adorned with a single pink blossom—their leaves dried and already decaying—remind me that summer is coming to a close.

My thoughts turned to the season ahead, and I longed for my circumstances to be different. I ached for my own home. A husband. A garden I could tend as I desired. I thought of a myriad of things I wanted. A sense of loss and lack washed over me and my steps grew as heavy as my heart.

“Have I not provided for you?” God asked.

My cheeks burned bright with embarrassment. “Of course, you have. I don’t mean to sound ungrateful.”

“I’ve attended to everything in my creation,” God replied. “There is abundance, not lack.”

I thought of all the abundance in my life—my family, my good health, my friends and the deep satisfaction my work gives me. “I have everything I need, I know. I have enough.” My steps lightened as did my heart.

I stopped by one of the naked ladies and bent down and breathed in is pale perfume—the sweet scent of summer’s last days. And then, I went on my way, full of God.

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