“The flowers appear on the earth, the time of singing has come…”
~Song of Solomon 2:12

In the dark before dawn, I heard God singing, just outside my window. “That’s a lovely song,” I called to Him from my bed.

“Thank you. Why don’t you sing with me?” He asked. “Join your voice with mine.”

The thought of singing with God filled me with immense pleasure but also a bit of trepidation. Who was I to sing with the Almighty?  “Are you sure, God?” I asked.

“Lift up your voice. You know the tune,” God urged.

He was right. I did know the tune, for I heard it in the beating of my heart. So I softly sang, harmonizing with God in the moments before the sun appeared.

“Keep singing, all the days of your life, Sparrow,” God said as He continued on His way. The birds—roused from their slumber—followed Him overhead, singing with Him.

I heard them off in the distance as I made my way to the kitchen. I hummed along as I made myself a cup of coffee.



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