“…the Lord looks at the heart.”
~1 Samuel 16:7

Early this morning I  stood in front of the full-length mirror and noticed a new line etched across my face. I sighed. “What’s with these wrinkles?” I muttered to myself. “And this extra padding on my hips?” Staring at my sixty self took some hard work at acceptance—work that I didn’t always want to do. Some days I grieved for my younger image. Today was one of those days.

“I wish you could see yourself through my eyes,” God whispered.

“Really? How do you see me?”

“I see you as a part of Me, a reflection of my love,” God said. “I see you as my cherished child. It doesn’t matter, your aging body, for it is not you. It is only the temple in which you reside. Look at yourself again in the mirror.” I turned and caught my gaze again. “Now look at yourself through my eyes. Feel the love.”

I stood for a few moments and let God’s love fill my heart. Tears came to my eyes, it was so overwhelming. Instead of an aging woman, I saw a child of God.

“Thank you,” I whispered. “For reminding me of who I really am.”

‘You’re my beloved,” God said and gently ushered me out of the room and into the start of my day.


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