God will not leave or forsake you
~Deutoronomy 31:18

The stars were beginning to surrender to the rising sun as I walked out to the garden. The dew on the grass was cold, and a biting breeze brushed past me. I pulled my coat closer to my chest and wished that I had thrown my wool scarf over my head. I sat on the wooden bench and prayed. “God, you’re always here, aren’t you?” I asked.

“Always, Sparrow. Why do you ask?” God replied.

“I’ve got some worries and I want to know that you’re here. I don’t want to carry them alone,” I said.

“You don’t have to carry them at all. You can give them to me,” He said.

“But they are really big worries, God. You promise you’ll handle them?” I asked.

“I handle the universe every day,” He said gently and put His hand on my shoulder.

“I know. It’s just that my worries are painful. I want to know that everything will be alright,” I whispered, fighting back tears.

“Let me carry them for you,” God said softly. “Then let me carry you.”

I nodded, unable to speak through my tears.

God reached out His arms and picked me up. “I’ll never let you go,” He said and carried me back to the cottage as the last of the stars gave way to the dawn.


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