He came to seek.
~Luke 19:10

I slipped out of bed early to attend to what was left of the summer’s garden. I knelt on the cool, damp earth and pulled the weeds around the tomatoes. Off in the distance, I heard God calling me. “Sparrow!”

“I’m in the garden,” I called back.

“Sparrow!” God’s voice was louder. I stood up and brushed the dirt from my knees.

“I’m here, God.”

God stood there with me—the garden glistening— bathed in His light. “You’re always with me so why do you call me like you’re searching for me?” I asked.

“I call to your heart, to remind you to see me, to feel my love for you,” God whispered. He wrapped His arms around me in the softness of the morning. I stood perfectly still, embraced in His glory. When my heart was full, I knelt back down on His dew drenched ground and returned to the tending of His garden.

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